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Foreign Policy Waffling

I was going to ride my high horse into the weeds of the Islamic State, however, we have been assured these atrocities weren't in the name of Islam or the Prophet and weren't Islamic. Besides, Christians did this 1,000 years ago, the US supported slavery for years and civil rights is still an issue here.

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Focusing on the Wrong Things

Why in the world is Obama talking about a free Community College when we haven't solved the problems in the free kindergarten through 12th grade system?

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21st Century Scourge

Let's face it. Very few of us are offended about mocking someone else's religion or political position (often connected); just don't mock ours. Double standards abound. The difference is that no one in the west proposes killing in retaliation for hate or politically incorrect observations.

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The Valediction

This column makes me sad, because it is my last. Twelve years ago, the Gabber offered me a job and a place in the community. Over the years I have delighted you, angered you, and most of all, I hope, I have made you think.

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