100 Artists Put on a Show


Woodwork artist David Flori displays his art near the waterfront.

Beautiful weather and an eclectic mix of fine art mediums brought hundreds of visitors to the Suntan 100 Artist Art Show in Horan Park over Thanksgiving weekend. In addition to the art, there was food, live music and a giant Christmas tree overlooking the water. The juried show featured art from paintings to wood crafts to found-object art, many of which also focused on sustainability.

David Flori creates his wood pieces at Sacred Lands in St. Petersburg using only a chainsaw and drill. “I expect to be completely solar powered by the first of the year,” he said.

Some artists incorporated shells, driftwood and starfish in their designs, creating a beachy vibe. Others were more experiential.

Andrew Muckler, of Spirit Art 1111, whose carved art paintings focus on the spiritual, said, “Life just brings me ideas which I turn into art.”

Robbin Turpin, who paints local scenes from a variety of locations, said, “I want people to be able to take a taste of the area home with them when they leave.”


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