Local Crime Watch: Jan 11


A sampling of police reports from December 28 through January 2 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer


12/28 – Burglary in the 5100 block of Tangerine Avenue South. A resident reported that someone attempted to steal her bicycle overnight by cutting the lock and removing it from her carport.  The bike was abandoned in the yard when the thief realized both tires were flat.

12/28 – Warrant arrest in the 5300 block of 11th Avenue South. Officer Ross arrested a motorist that he stopped for a traffic violation when his in-car computer indicated the subject, Michael Gamble, had a writ of bodily attachment for non-payment of child support.

12/28 – Criminal mischief in the 2300 block of Beach Boulevard. Four solar lights were reported by city workers to have been vandalized overnight at Clymer Park.

12/28 – Burglary to a vehicle in the 6200 block of 9th Avenue South. A resident reported that he left his vehicle windows down all day while the car was parked in front of his residence.  Someone stole some items from inside it without him noticing.

12/28 – DUI in the 2500 block of 56th Street South. Mary Robinson was stopped for an equipment violation. Officer Nieves determined that she appeared to be under the influence.  After a DUI investigation was completed, she was arrested.  Her breath samples showed she had no alcohol in her system; however, she did admit that she takes prescription medication and a urine sample was obtained.

12/28 – Violation of probation in the 1600 block of 56th Street South. Officers responded to a residence in reference to a disorderly person. They made contact with Shawn Guiziotti. He appeared to be intoxicated and it was discovered that he was on probation with a condition that he not consume alcohol.  He was arrested for the violation of probation.

12/29 – Petit theft in the 3000 block of Beach Boulevard South. A resident had her water service turned off for non-payment, so she hooked a hose up to her neighbor’s spigot in order to steal water. The victim ultimately decided not to prosecute.

12/29 – Battery on elderly in the 1400 block of 59th Street South. A resident of the Boca Ciega Nursing Home told his wife that two nurses intentionally hit him in the face. His wife reported it to the management, who called the police. The investigation revealed no injuries and that the resident had severe dementia. When interviewed by officers, he said he had no recollection of anyone ever hitting him.

12/29 – DUI in the 2900 block of 50th Street South. Officer Pope stopped a vehicle for driving without headlights. The driver, Alan Elmiger, appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. After a DUI investigation was conducted, he was arrested. His breath alcohol content was .202/.203.

12/29 – Resisting an officer without violence in the 1400 block of 49th Street South. Officer Carter stopped a vehicle for not having headlights on when required. The vehicle pulled into the parking lot of a mini market. The driver, later identified as Jalen Miller, ran from the vehicle, along with an identified passenger. Officer Carter caught Miller a short distance away and he was arrested. He admitted that his license was suspended and the vehicle was unregistered. Inside the vehicle, two pills that were believed to be Ecstasy were confiscated. Miller was arrested and charged with multiple offenses.

12/30 – Aggravated assault in the 2700 block of 53rd Street South. Officers responded to the scene where a physical altercation had taken place. This resulted in one woman being held against her will at knifepoint. Carol Honeycutt was arrested and taken to Pinellas County Jail.

12/31 – Assist other agency in the 5600 block of 16th Avenue South. Officers responded to a car that had a bullet come through the passenger side door. The incident happened in St Petersburg. The passenger side door was likely hit from celebratory gunfire from a New Year’s Eve celebration. The case was forwarded to the St. Petersburg Police Department for further investigation.

1/2 – Burglary to a vehicle in the 900 block of 60th Street South. A contractor’s truck was parked in the street while work was being done at a residence. One of the contractor employees was sitting in the truck when a carload of males pulled up. One of the males got out and opened the door to the work truck, only to be surprised that it was occupied.  He got back in the car and it fled the area at a high rate of speed before police could arrive.

1/2 – Criminal mischief in the 5300 block of 15th Avenue South. A resident called to report that the back window was broken out of her vehicle while it was parked in her driveway. Nothing was taken from the vehicle.


12/29, 9:33 p.m., 5400 block of Shore Boulevard S

12/31, noon, 1300 block of Gray Street S

Burglary – vehicle

12/30, 3:45 a.m., 5600 block of 16th Avenue S

Theft – petit

12/29, 5:48 p.m., 1600 block of 58th Street S

Theft – shoplifting

12/29, 6 p.m., 4900 block of 17th Avenue S

Vandalism – criminal mischief

12/31, 3:19 a.m., 5100 block of Gulfport Boulevard S


South Pasadena

Theft – recreational vehicle

12/30, 1 p.m., 1100 block of Rue des Chateaux


St. Pete Beach


12/31, 12:10 a.m., 6100 block of Gulf Boulevard

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