A Happy Tail

Using a combination of Facebook, pet microchipping and the Gulfport community, a small lost dog found her way home again on October 2.

Several local groups, along with the Gabber, posted a notice from HomeAgain, a pet microchip company, that Lily had gone missing. When Tony Fields, who works at the Gulfport Municipal Marina, noticed a dog around the marina, he was able to contain it. Kurt Zuelsdorf, who owns a marina-based kayak tour company, posted the photo on his Facebook page. Within minutes Facebook users had directed Zuelsdorf to the Gabber’s post. Fields kept the Chinese Crested safe until her owner arrived to take her home. Within an hour Lily and her owner had been safely reunited.

“Remember how long it used to take to find a lost dog,” Zuelsdorf commented, “[with] the procedures of printing and posting paper on telephone poles?”

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