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21st Century Scourge

Let's face it. Very few of us are offended about mocking someone else's religion or political position (often connected); just don't mock ours. Double standards abound. The difference is that no one in the west proposes killing in retaliation for hate or politically incorrect observations.

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A Heavy Subject

The obesity syndrome: heavy equals unhealthy that equals costs to the government. I'm not refuting the theory. Lots of evidence for it. But, it needs to be discussed in the context of who gets to tell who what to eat.

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A Pointless Report

About the release of the Senate Intelligence report about the CIA interrogation program following 9/11/2001. It's a question of what's more important: the best interests of our country, which is fighting a war today, or a last political shot at the George W. Bush administration.

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Not a Racial Issue

The Ferguson, MO shooting of a black teenager is not a racial issue. The issue is excessive use of force by police. In this case, thoroughly vetted by a grand jury with all the evidence publicly available (although without the racial overtones, it would not have even made it to the grand jury in the first place), it was determined that officer Darren Wilson shot Michael Brown in self defense.

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Immigration for America

If you like open borders, you must have loved President Barack Obama's close-to-extra-constitutional executive action to grant an estimated five million illegal immigrants work papers and freedom from potential deportation – as if that was really going to happen since few are being deported anyway. In reality, the borders have been open.

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Can We Talk?

It seems clear that the majority favors, or at least has fewer reservations than before, for approving marijuana for recreational use. At the very least, this is the opportunity to debate the issue.

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Amendment 2

Marijuana doesn't need to be enshrined in the Florida Constitution as a precious citizen's right any more than we should declare it a personal right to sniff glue to get a euphoric high.

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