City Whys: Recycling Christmas

Q: What types of Christmas things can we recycle? Can we recycle bows? Wrapping paper? Shipping boxes? What about those bubble-wrap-lined mailers so popular with Amazon? Priority mail coated envelopes?

A: We asked the city’s public works director, Don Sopak, what Gulfportians could recycle curbside and what they could do with other items post-Christmas. Here’s what he told us:

Gulfport collects wrapping paper, any mailed envelopes as mixed paper and shipping boxes as cardboard.

Gulfport does not collect bows, but Sopak suggests donating them for reuse. Likewise, the city won’t collect bubble wrap but, Sopak says, “Usually UPS Stores and any pack-and-mail store accepts the wrap.”

For more information, consult the “Pinellas County A-to-Z Guide for Recycling and Disposal”for a list of places to drop off items not collected at Gulfport’s curbs. Gulfport Library has copies of the guide across from the circulation desk.

Sopak also suggests checking the county’s online guide to recycling. The guide includes information about recycling Christmas lights and trees:

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