Custom Curb Appeal

concrete finishing_horz_IMG_6496_By Debbie Wolfe


Photo by Debbie Wolfe

It’s all in the wrist. Martin ZaPata of L.S. Curb Service of Plant City, a sub contractor working on the Shore Boulevard Recreation Trail in Gulfport, works on August 16 applying the finishing layer of concrete to a new curb that will separate the pedestrian sitting wall from the parking area. First, a thin layer of concrete is smeared by a gloved hand along the backside of the curb that will face away from parked vehicles. It’s much like applying icing onto a cake. Next, a short-bristle wide brush is used to create a refined horizontal texture so the wet concrete blends into and adheres to the already dry curb. “Only the top four inches” get the special finishing because dirt or grass will cover the rest, he said. The planned completion date for the trail project is September 30.

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