Eat Your Lunch

Oh. Shut-up and eat your lunch! Quit whining and moaning. Some people don’t have anything to eat. Besides that you’re fat and getting fatter. Your parents should be ashamed of all that junk food they’re letting you have. As a super mother and anti-potato lady, I know best.” That’s first lady Michelle Obama talking (more than slightly altered) and she’s right, of course. Her prescription for the obesity epidemic starts with determining what is a healthy lunch for your child. That includes lots of vegetables of various colors, a prohibition on potatoes, and a strict limit on bread as used in sandwiches.

Kids are complaining, and not eating; some parents are complaining; school administrations are throwing away more food than usual as well as spending more money; and worse, Republicans are complaining and asking for exemptions which has them being accused of not only wanting to override science but of actively promoting obesity.

What’s all the fuss about? What in the world do parents, children, and Republicans expect? That you can have your cake and eat it, too? The cake being money from the government and the more palatable food also being the cake. Look. You take the money and the guy handing out the money gives the orders. Those orders might be stupid and impractical, but you got the money in those subsidized lunches. Don’t take the money and buy your own lunches. That’s the solution.

It’s like living with your parents when you have enough money to be on your own: you live by the parents’ rules. In this case, it’s the federal government and its agencies and agents who rule. In this case, Democrats determined the rules in a representative government and they get to rule. If you want to live in their house, take their money, then you take their orders. And that goes for everything: education, housing, medical care. If there’s a bit of a bait and switch, (as in “if you like your health care, you get to keep it”), it doesn’t make any difference. Fraud isn’t an issue in politics and government.

A few decades ago, the federal courts determined that if any college student in any school received a subsidized student loan then the school is governed by federal regulations which are many. Most schools, dependent upon the tuition that came from the loans rolled over. I’m familiar with two that didn’t and don’t. One is Grove City College, in Grove City, Pa. and Hillsdale College in Hillsdale, Mich. Both fund their own academic loan programs. Both made the moves after lawsuits and the struggle wasn’t easy. Both have survived and prospered.

It’s always been that way. Givers often give with strings attached. That’s what the fuss about campaign financing is all about. I knew a man who was founder and owner of a nationally known engineering company. Mike was a philanthropist, doer of many good deeds, and hefty supporter of politicians. He got many Pennsylvania highway contracts over the years. When the highway department complained to the Lt. Governor, who was a recipient of  Mike’s largess, that he always wanted more, the Lt. Governor replied: “You don’t understand. He wants them all.”

That’s the way it is. Some school boards and teachers and parents are complaining about Common Core, which is a voluntary, non-government driven educational program, but also driven by certain federal government incentives. Most states adopted the program (44 of 50) to make sure they didn’t miss out on the federal hand-outs. Some are now complaining. Tough. You went for the bucks. You got ’em. Live with it.

So, if you want your meat and potatoes for your kids, get them at the grocery store. They’re not rationed at the moment. Also, be careful what you wish (or vote) for.


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