Getting ‘CarFit’

Driver Linda Laplante of South Pasadena gets checked out in her 2013 Hyundai Santa Fe sport utility vehicle at the Gulfport Senior Center’s free annual CarFit event on Saturday, March 16. Alexis Woodhouse, right, a doctorate student in occupational therapy at Gannon University’s Ruskin, Florida campus, provided guidance through a structured checklist of suggested tips that ensures each vehicle fits a driver’s specific needs. 

“This is a newer car for me,” said Laplante, “and I just want to make sure I’m set up in it properly.” 

“CarFit is a volunteer education program that looks at how a vehicle fits each person so they can be driving at the optimal position to be comfortable and safe,” said Assistant Professor Stephanie Adams of Gannon University who supervised the occupational therapy students helping drivers on Saturday. 

The American Occupational Therapy Association has partnered with the American Association of Retired Persons, the American Automobile Association and CarFit to offer this initiative, said Adams.

“This is the fourth year that we’ve done CarFit at the Senior Center,” said Fran Carlin-Rogers, a national-level CarFit instructor who is also a Gulfport resident. For more information, visit 

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