grounded-boat-with-pier_vert_img_7216_photo-by-debbie-wolfeA sailboat that crashed into Gulfport’s pier during Hurricane Hermine causing $2,000 in damages will cost another $2,500 to remove, said Denis Frain, director of marina operations.

“The vessel is an eyesore, was tagged and the time period expired on September 21,” he said. “The owner has been contacted and because he doesn’t have the financial means to remove it.” The Gulfport Police Department will notify Pinellas County because they have the funds to foot the bill. Sometimes, the city pays for boat removals. The city typically deals with from six to 10 similar cases each year.

“Hopefully, in the next fiscal year, we will get grant money for the mooring fields,” said Vice Mayor Michael Fridovich, who in the past has lived on a sailboat for three years in the Caribbean and who has used a mooring ball. This will definitely be the solution for half sunk boats, he said. “What it will do is prevent people from either being under anchored or [help those] who don’t know how to anchor properly” in the case of a storm.

“Most people don’t know how to anchor properly. They will have to tie up to a mooring ball,” Fridovich said. “It will prevent them from crashing into the pier or shores costing [the city] more money.”


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