Gulfport Artists Raise Funds for Local Charities

Owner Veronica Champion with Lenne Nicklaus Ball’s gecko entry at The Historic Peninsula Inn.

Seven Gulfport artists displayed their contributions to the Artists’ Gecko Auction at last week’s Gecko Ball but, prior to the event, their creations were seen in the wild at various businesses around Gulfport. Participating artists included Joan Allen, Eric Folsom, Brenda McMahon, Lenne Nicklaus-Ball, Owen Pach, Tom Pitzen and Monika Watson.

The Artists’ Gecko Auction raised $5,000 at the Gecko Ball on August 26 at the Gulfport Casino, and, according to Scott Linde, president of the Gulfport Merchants Association, the auction was noteworthy this year because the artists received some of the proceeds.

“For the first time this year, we’re actually giving 25 percent of whatever the selling price of their piece was to the artist,” said Linde.

The Gecko Ball silent auction raised about $8,000, said Linde, for an approximate total of $13,000 for the night.

The combined proceeds from the two auctions plus monies from Geckofest on September 2, after expenses, will be donated to Creative Play Preschool and the Sonia Plotnick Health Fund.

Tom Pitzen’s gecko art creation was located on the patio at Mangia Gourmet.


Sally Douglas shows the gecko sculpture by artist Owen Pach on display at O’Maddy’s Bar and Grille.


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