Gulfport Gets a Splash of Welcoming Color

One of six new permanent banner designs for Gulfport’s street light poles. The one pictured hangs along Beach Boulevard S. in front of Pia’s Trattoria and was installed on Monday, March 20. Inside the bucket of the lift truck and behind the banner is Jamie Fox, president of James Fox Tree Services. The bottom of each banner begins at the nine-foot mark and extends upward to about 13 feet, said Fox. Metal brackets, flexible fiberglass poles, zip ties and big metal hose clamps comprise the fittings.

Six new and permanent street banner designs are being installed to brighten 194 of Gulfport’s street light poles that line Beach Boulevard S., Shore Boulevard S., Gulfport Boulevard S. and 49th Street S., said City Manager Jim O’Reilly. The process began on Monday, March 20 and may take from two to four days to complete.

The approximately $20,000 project is being funded by the city, he said.

The idea originated in discussions with the Gulfport Merchant’s Association (GMA) as part of the Waterfront Redevelopment District’s improvements, said O’Reilly. Scott Linde, GMA president, “came up with the designs” and along with Justin Shea, the city’s cultural facilities and events supervisor, worked with the artist to finalize the designs, he said. The project artist is Zachary Knight, also the Gabber’s graphic designer.

The six designs feature a sailboat, art paintbrush, volleyball, gecko, dining (represented by pasta on a fork) and music (represented by a guitar).

“The banners will be kept up permanently,” said O’Reilly. “Christmas and other holiday decorations will be displayed separately.”

In the background and inside the bucket of the lift truck, Jamie Fox gets ready to install another and different banner. “We started at the library and headed down toward the Casino numbering every pole one through six, and then started over,” said Michael Worthington, a Gulfport maintenance worker who specializes in street signs.



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