Gulfport Hurricane Relief Rolls Out

On Sunday, September 23, John Riesebeck, owner of Smokin’ J’s Real Texas BBQ in Gulfport, left town with a 26-foot rental truck stuffed with relief supplies destined for survivors of Hurricane Florence. For a little over one week, Riesebeck put a call out to the community to donate non-perishable food and other hurricane supplies to stuff the truck. He also pulled his commercial smoker trailer and included enough food to feed a hot meal to hundreds on Monday, September 24 in Gresham, South Carolina. “After a long day, I am pleased to announce our trip was very successful,” Riesebeck wrote on Facebook on early Tuesday, September 25. “We were able to feed approximately 400 people a hot meal. Thanks to everyone who donated.” Gresham is located in Marion County and was still flooding when he arrived. South Carolina Highway Patrol officers and Army National Guard troops gave Riesebeck an escort through floodwaters to his final destination. It was the “first time I’ve had blue lights flashing behind me that I didn’t mind,” said Riesebeck. Photo(s) supplied by John Riesebeck.

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