Gulfport Police Arrest Suspect for 13 Vehicle Burglaries

Benjamin Langkamp, Jr., 18, of Gulfport was arrested on Friday, May 25 and charged with 13 felony counts of vehicle burglaries. Photo supplied by law enforcement.

Just a little over a month past his 18th birthday, a Gulfport teenager was arrested and charged with 13 felony counts of local vehicle burglaries on the morning of Friday, May 25.

According to Gulfport Police, the suspect, Benjamin Langkamp, Jr., smashed the windows of 13 vehicles to gain entry on three separate days between May 16 and May 24.

“All of the burglaries occurred in and around the area of 30th Avenue South to 31st Street South and Beach Boulevard to 56th Street South,” said Sergeant Thomas Woodman, the department’s public information officer, in a written statement.

Because of the location and known offenders within the area, police were able to quickly develop a suspect, said Woodman. At the time of the break-ins, police obtained data from the ankle monitor Langkamp was wearing and they used other investigative measures, including a confession by the suspect, to lead to his arrest.

Langkamp is currently in Pinellas County Jail on a bond of $65,000 awaiting trial.



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