Local Crime Watch: June 14

A sampling of police reports from May 31 through June 12 in Gulfport, South Pasadena and St. Pete Beach.

Sources: Gulfport Police Department and Pinellas County Crime Viewer

5/31- Burglary of a vehicle in the 5900 block of 20th Avenue South. A resident reported that her unlocked vehicle was broken into the night before and a gym bag containing boxing gloves was stolen. A second unlocked vehicle at the residence was also gone through but nothing was taken.

5/31- Burglary – vehicle in the 5400 Block of 10th Avenue South. A resident reported that his unlocked vehicle was entered after 4:45 a.m. and an empty wallet was stolen.

6/1- Loitering and prowling in the 5600 block of Shore Boulevard South (Gulfport Beachfront). A resident reported seeing a white male rummaging through the vendor tents and pit crew tents at the beach front. Wilburn Folsom was located and admitted he drank coconut water that did not belong to him. He was arrested.

6/2: Information regarding the 600 block of 52nd Way South. Officers responded reference a car cover being removed from a vehicle and the vehicle having damage to it. The resident was on vacation in Canada and officers have been unable to make contact.

6/3- Fleeing to elude/traffic stop on 52nd Street South and 12th Avenue South. A vehicle was stopped for running a stop sign. The driver provided his registration and driver’s license to the officer. After being informed the there was a seize tag order for his vehicle, the male took off leaving his identification behind. 

6/3- Disturbance in the 4600 block of 29th Avenue South. Officers responded for a disturbance.  Two people were arguing over the title for a vessel. When officers arrived on scene, Joseph “Seawall” Williams had already left in a vehicle. Officers located Williams later and issued him a trespass warning for the residence.

6/4- Theft in the 5000 block of Gulfport Boulevard South. A male took a cart full of items from a business without paying for them. He fled with a female in a silver vehicle. 

6/4- Criminal mischief in the 5100 block of 13th Avenue South. A female resident reported that her daughter came home and kicked her mailbox off the post and chipped a corner of a wooden dresser. The daughter stated she only broke a glass and nothing else. The daughter left the residence without incident. 

6/4- Ordinance violation in the 1800 block of Gray Street South. Officers were dispatched to a home invasion. When officers arrived, they spoke to the homeowner who stated that the male did not force his way into her house. Officers determined that the male had already been warned for soliciting as he was going door-to-door trying to get. He was arrested for a city ordinance violation.

6/4- Assist other agency – SPPD in the 5100 block of Tangerine Avenue South. Police were notified of a black male and black female running through yards being chased by a white male. Police were able to locate the black female and later make contact with the male who was chasing her. While the female was being interviewed by an officer she admitted that she was in a stolen vehicle that fled from a St Petersburg officer and almost hitting a St Petersburg officer approximately twenty minutes prior. The female provides police with a name of the person that was driving the vehicle. Officers were also able to locate a witness who stated that they could positively identify the male. The information was relayed to St Petersburg Police Department. 

6/4- Possession of marijuana (felony) in the 15th Avenue South and York Street South.

Officer Clague stopped a car for an equipment violation. While speaking with the driver he could smell marijuana in the car. The driver, Arron Trotman, opened the center console to look for his license. Officer Clague saw a baggie of marijuana inside the console. The total amount of marijuana found was approximately 32 grams. Trotman was arrested for felony (over 20 grams) possession of marijuana. 

6/5- Hit and run crash on Beach Boulevard South. A pedestrian reported that he was somewhere on Beach Blvd when he stepped off of the curb and was clipped by a vehicle, causing him to be knocked to the ground and hurt his arm. The pedestrian went to several locations before coming to the police station to report it. There are conflicting statements as to how he may have hurt himself and a witness says that he fell off his bike before reporting the crash.

6/6- Criminal mischief in the 5000 block of 10th Avenue South. A resident reported that her juvenile nephew was out of control and broke a lamp in their driveway. She believes he was under the influence of something. The juvenile left the area before officers arrived. 

6/6- Criminal mischief in the 2900 block of Dupont Street South. Zachary Galpin was arrested after he purposely kicked and damaged a neighbor’s solar light. When officer’s located him and tried to interview him, he attempted to run. He was caught and arrested.


6/8, 12 p.m., 5600 block of 19th Ave S 

6/10, 6:30 a.m., 6300 block of 11th Ave S

Burglary- Structure

6/8, 8 a.m., 1900 block of 49th St S 

Theft- shoplifting

6/9, 8:40 p.m., 4900 block of 17th Ave S


6/9, 11:48 a.m., 6500 block of Flamingo Way S

Stolen Vehicle

6/8, 10 p.m., 6100 block of 8th Ave S

Vandalism-Criminal Mischief

6/6, 6 a.m.,  5000 block of 10th Ave S

6/7, 5 a.m., 5800 block of 26th Ave S

6/8, 5 p.m.,  5600 block of 19th Ave S


South Pasadena 


6/5, 11:00 p.m., 1500 Block of Pasadena Ave S

Burglary- Residence

6/8, 10 a.m., 1200 Block of Pasadena Ave S


6/7, 5 p.m., 6800 Block of Park St S


6/5, 8 p.m., 1000 Block of Pasadena Ave S

Theft- shoplifting

6/8, 10:14 p.m., 6800 block of Gulfport Blvd S


St. Pete Beach

Theft- Petit

6/5, 6:51 p.m., 700 Block of 59th Ave S

6/8, 8 a.m., 5500 Block of Gulf Blvd


6/9,  11:15 p.m., 6000 Block of Gulf Blvd

Theft- Shoplifting

6/9, 7:25 p.m., 300 Block of 75th Ave 




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