Locals Load up at Green Thumb


The 32nd annual Green Thumb Festival held at the Walter Fuller Park Rec Center during the weekend, April 28 and 29, featured 126 vendors showcasing plants, garden ornaments and of course refreshments while many participants dragged cargo wagons of all sizes and shapes through seven grassy aisles. Six-year festival veterans who live within blocks of the park had a unique experience this year. “I bought so many plants I broke my wagon,” said Mark Sibley. A good Samaritan vendor helped him get back in motion. “It was a guy thing,” laughed Sibley. “I asked him if he had duct tape and he had zip ties instead.” His friend, Elizabeth Hanna selected a pink flamingo ornament to go with their flower choices. “It will add a lot of nice color to our garden,” she said. What did the flamingo do during the wagon wreck? “He did a face plant into our shopping bag because he was embarrassed,” said Sibley.

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