National Puzzle Day at Senior Center

People forming 16 teams participated in the second-annual jigsaw puzzle tournament at the Senior Center on Tuesday, January 29 to celebrate National Puzzle Day. Photo by Walter Pauly.

The Gulfport Senior Center held its second-annual jigsaw puzzle tournament on Tuesday, January 29 to celebrate National Puzzle Day.

This year, the tournament grew to a total of 16 teams compared to the 11 that entered in 2018.

Studies have found that a person works on a jigsaw puzzle, they use both sides of their brain, said Walter Pauly, Senior Center coordinator. “Spending time daily working on puzzles improves memory, cognitive function and problem-solving skills.”

First place finishers were the “Jiggy Chicks.” Pictured from left are Susan Masztak, Charlotte Sweeney, Christine Murphy and Sandy Gonzalez. The champs finished their 500-piece puzzle in 90 minutes. Photo by Walter Pauly.

A popular puzzle-solving technique is to use paper plates to sort pieces by colors and patterns. Photo by Walter Pauly.


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