Neighbors Meet, Find Treasure at City Sale

“Garage and yard sales are the best way to meet the people in your neighborhood,” said Marilyn Allen of the Pontiac Apartments. She made sure she had a comfortable chair to sit in along with a book to read between visitors. She was one of about 100 registered vendors participating in Gulfport’s citywide yard sale on Saturday, March 16.



Gus Alvarez of Tampa was pleased that he could find a length of rope for his Morgan Out Island 33-foot sailboat during the annual Nautical Flea Market held on Miriam Street S. next to the Gulfport Municipal Marina on Saturday, March 16 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. He attends every year and visits the booth sponsored by the Citizen’s Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteer group. “I love Lou – the guy with the cigar,” said Alvarez. He was referring to Lou Worthington, who supervises boat recovery and the sales booth at the flea market. All proceeds fund the annual City of Gulfport employee appreciation dinner, said Worthington. “The rope is heavy and will hold the boat in a storm. I don’t care what color it is,” said Alvarez.

Gunther Nolle, left, of 5112 28th Ave. S., offered many items on his driveway including a rack of clothes during the citywide yard sale. Kristin McKee, right, of Largo said, “One of my favorite things to do is to go yard sale-ing with friends and it’s about giving back to the community and shopping within the community.”

Alan Cyr, a vendor from Hudson, Florida at the annual Nautical Flea Market in Gulfport, showcases his table of used dry boxes, which are Pelican Storm models. His booth offers a variety of nautical products because he likes boats and “prefers to keep it interesting,” he said. He acquires parts for his own Boston Whaler but often winds up with too many so he offers the extras for sale.

Ernie and Debbie Reams at 5625 23rd Ave. S. were the vendors at a family display during the citywide yard sale. Their most unusual items were antique block ice tongs with a leather handle and a metal doll bed with wheels. As a veteran yard sale vendor, Debbie said, “We seem to have more flow” of participants this time. “The smaller items displayed closer to the road sell better.” Ernie said about his bright yellow shirt, “At least they can see me!”

During the citywide garage sale, literally held in their garage at 5657-5659 Shore Blvd., Patty Burke, left, functioned as the cashier and greeter while Katie Los, second from left, specialized in floor sales and pricing.


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