Operation Giving Back Helps Family

SITUATION: A local single mom is trying to overcome homelessness while caring for multiple children who all attend Gulfport Elementary. She managed to rent a home but has nothing to equip it with. SOLUTION: After Gulfport resident Margarete Tober spoke to the city about helping the family, a call to action went out over Gulfport-related Facebook pages and the local police department led the way for Operation Giving Back, which was a one-day donation effort held on Friday, December 7 in the Gulfport City Hall parking lot. Gulfport Police Officer Zack Mills said, “As always, the wonderful Gulfport community is stepping up to help out. People have brought furniture, toiletries, clothes, towels, bed frames, mattresses – you name it, they brought everything so this family could get on their feet.” His truck was filled to capacity several times and he needed the assistance of others in the department with large vehicles. “The mother is thrilled and has almost cried from happiness,” he said. “She told me she’s going to have a real Christmas this year – a tree and presents for her kids.” 

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