“T-Wrex” Makes Team USA

Photo by Christopher W. Weeks. Starving-Artist-Production.com

Photo by Christopher W. Weeks. Starving-Artist-Production.com

While it may seem far away, the Junior Roller Derby World Cup in July, 2015 is looming right around the corner for the young, dedicated junior derby participants. One of these derby fanatics? Gulfport’s own Taryn Spence who, at 14 years old, has recently been selected to be on Team USA, going under the name of T-Wrex.

Roller derby is a very fast-paced, intense sport and is also one of the most rapidly growing sports in the country with over 1500 in leagues in approximately 40 different countries. The World Cup in July will be hosting six different countries. In roller derby, the basic goal and method of scoring points is to pass the members of the opposing team. Taryn began the sport five years ago, in an effort to “get new friends and hit some people.”

Taryn often skates as either the jammer or blocker. The “jammer” scores points while the “blocker” skates with the group, navigating them and trying to prevent the opposing team from scoring.

To rightfully earn her spot on Team USA, Taryn spent many hours practicing her stops, speed and awareness, which is a huge component in roller derby. By being on Team USA, Taryn will not only be representing her league but also representing – and competing against – juniors all around the globe.

Says Taryn, “It means everything. Being chosen to represent my league is such an honor and makes me so happy!”

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