The Path of Intuition

Intuition Grace

Intuition Grace

Intuitive Grace studies the woman sitting in the folding chair next to her and begins sketching, her movements quick and sure. As she draws, the woman’s likeness appears, and Grace begins to tell the woman what she is sensing by tapping into the subtle energies her subject conveys.

“I discovered that drawing was the means by which I am most easily able to intuit a person’s energy and life path,” says Intuitive Grace. “When I am drawing someone, I access the energy emanating from them.”

Intuitive Grace is one of four readers who participated in the “Intuitive Paintings and Intuitive Readings for 2016” event on December 19 at the City of Imagination Art Center, 2726 54th St. S. in Gulfport.

While some readers, like Grace, use drawing to interpret a person’s energy, there are different methods.

“Because of my background in teaching art, it is difficult for me to read someone using that medium,” says Patsi Aguero, an artist and intuitive reader who is on the board of the City of Imagination. “Instead of being in the flow, all the art rules I learned about background and composition interfere.”

According to Aguero, each session is as individual as the person providing the reading. The focus might be on anything from releasing blocked energy and past trauma, tapping into past lives, working through a current hardship or helping someone activate their creative potential.

“Intuitive readings can inspire you to stay focused, get balanced and receive clarity,” says Aguero. “Getting spiritually aligned will direct you toward your highest good.”

Aguero says she realized she had intuitive abilities almost twenty years ago, shortly after moving to Gulfport.

“I immersed myself in studying the intuitive phenomena and was fascinated,” Aguero says.

Aguero explains that an incident at a tire shop helped confirm intuitive readings were something for which she had a talent. Although she usually does not approach people, Aguero says she was receiving strong energy from the mechanic who was working on her car.

“I asked him if I could share something with him that I was sensing. He agreed, and I told him he needed to get his liver checked,” Aguero says. “He looked shocked and told me his sister had died of liver cancer some months ago and he was experiencing the same symptoms but was afraid to go to the doctor.”

Patsi Aguero

Patsi Aguero

Aguero never found out what happened to the man, but the experience gave her confidence in her ability to help others.

“My life has become so enriched by the people I read and by the affirmative results they share with me,” Aguero says.

While some may view intuitive reading as the stuff of fantasy, Aguero asserts that it is actually something most people do on a daily basis to some degree, like tuning in to people’s words and emotions or observing their body language. She believes that some people are born with deeper intuitive ability but that it can also be learned and developed, like most creative pursuits.

“We can tune in to those frequencies by being more observant of people,” she says. “Doing so is sometimes difficult for a society that has become very analytical.”

Aguero sees her ability as a blessing.

“It makes me more sensitive toward people and allows me to form really strong bonds with them. But all I can do is pass the message along,” she says. “What people do with the information is their business.”


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