What does Memorial Day mean to you?

Patty Tishuk, St. Petersburg: “I think of my father who fought in WWII. He stormed the beaches of Normandy and actually lived to tell the story. It’s dear to my heart thinking about all of the poor men and women who have died for our country. Memorial Day is a great day to remember all of the fallen soldiers and the people today who are still fighting to make America great. I was also married on Memorial Day. My husband has passed away so [remembering him] falls in line with Memorial Day.”

Mary Crawford, Gulfport: “It’s a time to remember everybody who has died fighting for freedom for our country. They say freedom is not free. There is a cost. I remember watching flags in parades when I was a kid.”

Jan Landrum, Bradenton: “Thinking about all of the people in the armed forces who have left us. We memorialize them on Memorial Day. It’s also a fun time of year to go to the beach. I’m originally from Alabama and we’d always go to the beach for Memorial Day weekend because that was our time off from work. We’d go to Pensacola in the Panhandle of Florida.”

Tom “Whistling” Bryant, Gulfport: “It means about how grateful I am for all those guys who went to war for this country and sacrificed their lives so I would be safe. What else is there? I’m grateful for every day above ground. I’m grateful to have a tiny bit of talent.”

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