2019 Candidates Ready for Campaigns 

Updated 12/26/18, 2 p.m.: The original version of this article neglected to name Chrisan Herrod as a third candidate for the Gulfport Ward II election. The Gabber apologizes for the error.

Now that municipal election qualifying periods are up, the next three months will be filled with candidates vying for a spot in office. 

The qualifying candidates will run for the Gulfport mayoral and Ward II and Ward IV council seats. The city-wide elections will be held on March 12, 2019.

However, in St. Pete Beach and South Pasadena, a lack of applicants has caused both cities to cancel elections next year.  

In Gulfport, the candidates that will be running for office have officially been announced and are listed below.

Gulfport Mayor

Sam Henderson, incumbent

Frank Kemnetz 

Gulfport Councilperson, Ward II

Christine Brown, incumbent 

Byron E. Chalfont 

Chrisan Herrod 

Gulfport Councilperson, Ward IV

Richard Fried

Micheal Fridovich  

St. Pete Beach 

The St. Pete Beach official website states, “If not more than one person qualified as a candidate for a designated seat on the city commission or for a mayor-commissioner to be filled at an election, the seat shall not be listed on the regular city election ballot.”

The following are the unopposed candidates, provided by the city of St. Pete Beach. 

St. Pete Beach, District 2

Doug Izzo, incumbent 

St. Pete Beach, District 4

Melinda Pletcher

South Pasadena 

According to the city of South Pasadena official website, “as only one candidate applied and qualified for Mayor and no one qualified for commissioner, the election has been canceled.”

South Pasadena, Mayor 

Arthur Penny, incumbent 


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