A Chilly Junk in the Trunk

Linda Margolius of St. Petersburg “holds” a blue ladder for a friend to pick up while others browse at the Junk in the Trunk event held at the 49th Street Neighborhood Center in Gulfport on Saturday, January 28. Margolius said she spent the morning at the event as an unofficial volunteer. “It’s the place to be,” she said. “It’s a Gulfport thing.” Cold weather and the Gasparilla festival in Tampa appeared to have put somewhat of a damper on attendance, according to organizers. “But we’re still close to three trucks of disposable trash, which is usually what we get,” said Margarete Tober of Gulfport Neighbors, which coordinates the event. She said it was hard to tell how much had actually been dropped off because people were taking many of the things that others brought. The next Junk in the Trunk is scheduled for April 22.

Daryll Russell of St. Petersburg tests out a water squirter dropped off at the Junk in the Trunk event in Gulfport on Saturday, January 28. “My daughter doesn’t need it, but what the heck,” he said as he decided to take it home for his six-year-old, Destiny.

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