A Feast at the Firehouse


Members of the South Pasadena Fire Department ham it up in the firehouse kitchen Monday, November 23 with donated fixings for a Thanksgiving Day dinner. From left, Lt. Nic Rasmussen, firefighter/EMT Stephen Harp, and firefighters/paramedics Matt Wilson and Jarrad Negron pretend to study recipes from the “Cooking with the Firehouse Chef” cookbook. In reality, Negron, who loves to cook, will be preparing the meal, using a honey glaze for the turkey.

“I don’t make any stuffing,” he said. “I put an onion, an apple and a couple of other things inside the turkey to give it some flavor.” Negron said he’ll be preparing another meal with his own family the day after Thanksgiving since his mother, a registered nurse, also has to work Thanksgiving Day. “They’re doing ham,” he said. “My Mom’s making her homemade mac ‘n cheese, I’m making mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, and my sister’s making pumpkin pie.”

The Thanksgiving Day items were donated by former Tampa Bay Buccaneer Mike Alstott,  who has made it a tradition to deliver holiday meals to firehouses throughout the area.


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