A Hand-thrown Housewarming Gift


I committed myself to Habitat for Pinellas to provide a bowl for every member of each family that gets a new house in the next year,” said McCabe Coolidge, a busy potter from Gulfport, on Tuesday April 4. The bowls are “high-fired stoneware glazes” making them microwave, oven and dishwasher safe. Each personal bowl, signed by the artist on the bottom with an “M,” is a different size making them useful for “eating cereal or baking.” Just “in April, there are eight houses and 57 members,” he said. On April 25, Tammy Mohns, who works as a server at Neptune Grill, will be moving into her new Gulfport Habitat home at 5002 9th Avenue S. with her three teenage sons and she’ll have four bowls waiting for her at the dedication, said Coolidge. It is the first Habitat home built in the city. Coolidge has been turning a pottery wheel since his late 20s. To find out more about McCabe’s Pottery, visit his booth at Gulfport’s Tuesday-morning market.

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