A Musical Community: South Pasadena Band 

The trumpet players starred in band favorites like “Cheerio March” and “Fantasy on Yankee Doodle” during the hour-long concert. 

The sounds of tubas, clarinets and flutes erupted from the South Pasadena Community Hall by 7 p.m. on Thursday, February 21. 

The occasion? 

The South Pasadena Community Band “Music is Fun” concert, conducted by music director John Hoover.

The show was enough of a hit to fill the entire hall, leaving a handful of audience members seat-less. 

“This is my first concert with this band since moving to Florida,” said cymbal player Tracy Ekelund. “It’s really nice down here, and I love it and I love the band.” 

The collection of about 40 musicians, silver-haired veterans and local newbies, played a variety of hits, including “Tiptoe Through the Tubas” and “Cricket and the Bullfrog.” 

South Pasadena Mayor Max Elson also attended the event. 

“It’s great to see a full house tonight, especially because this is my last year as mayor of this city,” Elson said. “The citizens of this city are extremely proud of this band.”

The band is a community relations initiative by the city of South Pasadena, and gives musically inclined residents a chance to play for their city. 

The community band plays regular shows throughout the South Pasadena area, for more information on upcoming shows, visit southpasadenaband.com.

Jackie Thorton plays the keyboard at the South Pasadena Community Band “Music is Fun” concert. “I’m a veteran, been here forever,” Thorton said as she adjusted her instrument.

For the first time ever, Tracy Ekelund, the newest band member, played the cymbals in the community show. “They’re showing me the ropes,” Ekelund said.



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