A Neighborly Gift

Fifty-year Gulfport homeowner Shirley Mims, pictured second from left in the front, recently celebrated her 92nd birthday, her good health and on the morning of Saturday, May 18, over a dozen of her neighbors as they gave her a free yard cleanup just because it was the right thing to do, said Wolfgang Deininger, volunteer coordinator, pictured second from left in the back. “They’re wonderful,” said Shirley. “Gulfport people are just great. And, I’m thankful.” About reaching 92, she said, “It’s got to be a miracle!” Not long ago, she took a bad fall and spent a few months in the hospital and in rehab, said Deininger. “Now, she’s up and walking.” And, according to Shirley, she still wields a shovel or axe in attempts to maintain her own property. She said, “This is my little world right here.”

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