A Raise for St. Pete Beach Commission?

For the first time in 18 years, St. Pete Beach city commissioners may receive an increase in compensation due to a charter amendment to “Increase Compensation for City Commissioners and Mayor-Commissioner” on this year’s ballot. Currently, compensation is set at $400 per month for city commissioners and $600 per month for the mayor-commissioner, plus reimbursement of expenses incurred in connection with performing official duties. Voters will decide whether the charter will be amended to increase the compensation to $800 per month for city commissioners and $1600 for the mayor-commissioner by voting “Yes” or “No” in the municipal election on March 15.

According to St. Pete Beach City Clerk Rebecca Haynes, in 1990 voters approved a commission salary of $400 per month and a mayor-commission salary of $600 per month.

“In 1998, voters approved an additional $50 and $75 respectively as a monthly sum for ordinary expenses in addition to the monthly salary and reimbursement of direct expenses,” said Haynes via email. “The increase was not budgeted in the current budget and would have to be appropriated from reserves which are better than anticipated due to a good FY [fiscal year] 2015.”

Voters in the St. Pete Beach Municipal Election will also choose new commissioners for District 1 and District 3. The candidates for District I are incumbent Terri Finnerty and Lorraine Huhn. Candidates for District 3 are Ward J. Friszolowski and Deborah Schechner.

For more information, go to stpetebeach.org/city-departments/city-clerk/item/89-election.html.

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