Abstract Art for Autism Opening

Jack Payne creates one-of-a-kind custom frames at the Special Abilities Art Opening and Fundraiser, hosted by Studio Duvoe’s Abstract Art for Autism. The free event was held on Saturday, January 18 at the Gulfport Arts Center, 2726 54th St. S., and students like Jack were stationed around the center, creating throughout the evening. Their work, and work on display from other students, was on sale for prices between $10 and $50. Artists got 50% of the proceeds from each sale, and the other 50% went back into funding supplies and future workshops. Studio Duvoe, hosts “Creative Art” events for Neuro-diverse (Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic), as well as medically, developmentally and physically challenged, children and adults. These sessions include various forms of art creation, including Abstract Expressionist painting.

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