Abstract Art for Autism

At one of their special abilities art openings and fundraisers on Saturday, July 28, the Abstract Art for Autism by Studio Duvoe, Inc., a non-profit group because of the studio’s affiliation, filled the Gulfport Art Center, also a non-profit, with original pieces made by participants along with donated light snacks and live music. The building that houses the center, located at 2726 54th St. S., is owned by the city and at one time was known as the City of Imagination, Inc. The autism group holds periodic workshops at the center where “we invite different special abilities people – children and adults, to create art,” said Duvoe who serves as president both of the center and her non-profit studio. “When a student sells a painting, they receive half of the money from the sale and a check from the bank with their name on it,” said Duvoe. “Sometimes, they frame them. The other half from each sale rolls back into the non-profit for autism. It helps us to be able to continue having the workshops, the openings and to buy art supplies.” Pictured from left to right are Daniel Mlotkowski, vice president of the center and studio; Will Gathro, an impressionism artist who is standing next to two of his pieces of work; David Zilich, who specializes in abstract art; and, Duvoe. “I found my passion for art about three to four years ago,” said Zilich, who also does performing art. For more information about the non-profit for autism artists and the events at the center, visit facebook.com/studioduvoe.org or AbstractArtforAutism.org.

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