All About Press Releases and Reader-Submitted Content

Here are some tips to help get your press release, news or announcement printed in the Gabber.

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We’re proud to be a community paper. And we get a lot of information from the community in the form of press releases and other content. Unfortunately, we can’t print everything we receive. We just don’t have the space. Because of this, the Gabber does not guarantee press releases. Releases that are printed are edited for content, style as well as length. However, here are some guidelines to help your news make it into the paper.

* Include the basics: Think about the Who, What, Where & When of your news or event. (The Why is a nice bonus.) We get a lot of releases missing one or more of these elements, which makes it difficult for our readers. Please try to be specific and to the point. Also, as a rule, we do not run press releases without contact information (phone number and/or email or street address).

* No advertisements: Generally, the Gabber does not print press releases that advertise businesses or other commercial endeavors. We have very competitive advertising rates for that purpose. We do print announcements for (non-profit) classes, clubs and other organizations, as well as community events and public information within the Gabber’s distribution area. We acknowledge that sometimes there are gray areas; press releases are included at the editor’s discretion.

* Photos: We do like to print photos submitted by our readers, however we cannot guarantee them. Please include the names of those pictured. Print-quality photos need to be clear and of a high resolution (300 dpi).

* Announcements: The Gabber accepts engagement, wedding and birth announcements and obituaries, and we do our very best to include them all in the main part of the paper. We do not charge for these. However, if you would like to wish someone a happy birthday or other sentiment, we have a very reasonably priced “Happy Talk” section in the classifieds.

The Gabber follows modified AP style. Releases and other content will be edited accordingly.


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