As Florida Slowly Reopens, So Does Gulfport

People walking along Beach Blvd. in Gulfport. Photo by June Johns

Photo by June Johns

Beach lovers in Gulfport, and around the state, have been waiting weeks for this day. Local photographer June Johns captured these shots of folks out and about in Gulfport on Monday, May 4, as municipalities around Florida began loosening Covid-19 restrictions, and beaches once again were opened to the public.   

All Pinellas County public beaches and public beach parking facilities were permitted to reopen on May 4. Per the county’s guidelines, “Everyone is directed not to congregate in groups of more than ten people and that people not of the same group must remain six feet apart.”

In Gulfport, the Municipal Beach and parking lot, as well as public restrooms at the beach and Casino, reopened on Monday, though the beach pavilions remain closed. The Casino boat dock also reopened, with the reminder that, “per City Ordinance 2015-08, boaters are advised that no vessel shall be moored to the public casino boat dock for more than four hours in any day.” 

All playgrounds on city property are still closed, however city parks are open, and tennis courts and the skate park remain open.

The city advocates that residents continue to observe proper social distancing and hygiene rules, and additionally that residents, “Utilize virtual meeting practices whenever possible,” according to the City of Gulfport website. Find more at

Beach rules sign on Gulfport Beach. Photo by June Johns

Beach rules sign posted on Gulfport Beach. Photo by June Johns

A group of people enjoying Gulfport Beach on Monday, May 4. Photo by June Johns

A group of people enjoying Gulfport Beach on Monday, May 4. Photo by June Johns

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