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Meat and Potatoes

“This reminds me of taking a field trip to Europe for the day,” Gulfportian Cedar Perrone said as she sampled the capelinai at the St. Petersburg Lithuanian-American Club’s holiday lunch December 18. The group also sold Lithuanian cheese, cookies and ...

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Elegy For Familly

With four December birthdays in our family, the rule is that Christmas doesn't "start" until my birthday (the last of the four, now five if you count El Cap’s late November birthday, which we obviously do) ends. Christmas wasn’t the only holiday for us, not by a long shot.

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I knew when I moved to Ward Four we were the red-headed stepchild, and don’t misunderstand: I love a lot of things about living over here. I love that I don’t need flood insurance, that I don’t have to deal with street parties every week, and that because I moved across the street I bought more house for less.... I don’t love that we have this ward-wide indifference.

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