Bazaar Holiday

Gulfport Beach Bazaar The “shop local” mindset took the Beach Bazaar by storm this holiday season. Owner Angela Lagan took over the Bazaar last year the day after Christmas, so she didn’t know quite what to expect this holiday season.

The week before Christmas, the Bazaar ran out of stamps and had so many outgoing packages that the postman had to make a return trip. Despite some customers’ concern their package would arrive late, Ms. Laganb assures shippers that all packages that came in to the contract post office shipped at the scheduled pickup time, even if the postman had to ring twice.

The Saturday before Christmas, the post office had plenty of stamps to go around, although Ms.Lagan admits they did sell out unexpectedly.

“Who knew Gulfport could run through a month’s of stamps in nine days? It was 30 rolls, 200 books!” she laughed.

Some customers shopped local for stamps and shipping not out of a desire to support local business, but because they felt they received prompter service at the Gulfport post office.

“Nobody wants to go to the other post office. You have to wait too long,” Margie Sharland in South Padasena said.

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