Birds of a Feather

Bob Hettinger of St. Petersburg brings his two pet birds to Gulfport’s Wood Ibis Park to give them some fresh air about three times a week. “My wife and I were looking for some Quaker parrots. We’ve had them about five years,” said Hettinger. “In captivity, they live to about 25 or 30. They’re all different and great birds to have as pets. Molly likes to say ‘bye-bye’ when somebody leaves. Quakers have personalities almost like people. When I first rescued them from a lady who became ill, they had been in the same cage. When I got home, I put Jack, 16, in one cage and when Molly, 6, tried to climb in with him, he slammed the door shut! He said, ‘No! I’ve had enough of her!’ So, I had to put her in her own cage after that.”

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