Blue-Eyed Twins

Izzy Bowlin, 9, of Gulfport, started a dog-walking business this fall to earn money and to learn what she needed to know in order to get a puppy of her own. Meet Pua, a 10-week-old French bulldog named after a character in one of her favorite movies – “Moana.” Pua is already being spoiled with his own blanket, pet carrier and daily trips to see Izzy’s great-grandparents and their friends in a local assisted-living facility, said Laura Bowlin Dowers, Izzy’s mom. Pua is getting lots of love, said Dowers. He’ll grow up to be between 15 to 20 pounds, said Izzy. “He’s smaller so I can travel with and carry him,” said Izzy. “I won’t be doing as many dog walks now because it takes up most of my time.” Izzy said she will keep a few established clients on a limited basis. Dowers said Izzy looked at many dogs but settled on Pua because of his small size and the fact that his blue eyes matched hers.

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