Car Safety for Seniors

Buddy Cloud and Lydia Fries

CarFit volunteer Buddy Cloud of Tallahassee, left, teaches Lydia Fries of Gulfport  how to use her side mirrors and identify her blind spot during a car safety session at the Gulfport Senior Center on Saturday, March 19.

“I’ve been driving since I was 16. That’s a lot of years, but you still have questions,” Fries said, adding that in the past she had always turned around in her seat to see what was behind her. Not only did the CarFit volunteers show her how to use the mirrors, they also convinced her to start using her seatbelt, she said. Event coordinator Fran Carlin-Rogers said wearing a seatbelt is the most important thing drivers can do to stay safe.

CarFit is a national education program that focuses on keeping seniors safe and comfortable in their vehicles. For more information visit



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