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Hard Candy is a weekly column by long-time Gabber writer Cathy Salustri examining the ins and outs of politics, life and community in Gulfport and, occasionally, beyond.

Cathy welcomes feedback and input. Feel free to contact her at CathySalustri@theGabber.com or visit her website.

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Several people have asked me what I thought of the additional volleyball court on Gulfport Beach. Honestly? It seemed like a really stupid idea at the time and I still think it's still pretty dumb.

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Thank You.

When people I love are having a bad time, I try not to ask "is there anything I can do?" because it's kind of an empty question; no one is going to say "yeah, come clean my toilets."

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Save the Beer

Between my buddy Andy's pained expressions that suggested that I was singlehandedly decimating the planet and Gulfport's Public Works Director making me feel ignorant about recycling, I figured the time had come.

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CAVE-ing In

Never heard of CAVE? The commissioners refer to them as “Citizens Against Virtually Everything”; that may sound disrespectful, but come to a few meetings and you’ll understand why that’s likely the nicest name.

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