I Clearly Don’t Understand Art

When I decided to take off my business suits and strike out as a freelancer, I did so with the distinct impression I needed to deliver stellar work on time and as promised. If I wanted to eat and pay my bills, I needed to meet my deadlines in the agreed upon fashion or I would find myself looking at the business end of a desk job. I spent time with like-minded people who reinforced this idea of a work ethic and affirmed the idea that I would be able to feed myself if I kept my promises and did good work. These are the rules by which most freelancers live.

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Signs of Change

Perhaps the time has come for our mayor, who had to do battle with the county to get two crosswalks, could work his political magic once again to get better streetscaping, a dedicated center turn lane, and, perhaps, city ownership of the road. I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I do believe our mayor could start having those discussions. Little known fact: When our city manager worked for St. Pete Beach, he oversaw the streetscaping of Blind Pass Road. Go take a look; wouldn’t palm trees and sea grass down the middle of Gulfport Boulevard be a nice addition?

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