Chefs Table Raises Over 30K for Charity

Absolutely mind blowing,” said local chef and restaurateur Pia Goff in reaction to the $30,349.25 raised by the 2018 Chefs Table on November 5. Goff is the main organizer of the annual fine dining charity event held in Gulfport on Beach Boulevard. She is pictured standing to the left, holding the donation check. Centered behind the check in a collared shirt is Mike Yakes, former mayor and namesake of the MY Foundation, the local non-profit that is the donation recipient. To the left of Yakes is Maddy Guenther, president of the foundation. Goff said the entire amount of the donation will be used to help Sharon B. Thomas and her family rebuild their Gulfport home that was lost in a May 1 fire. “It’s wonderful. It couldn’t have turned out any better,” said Goff. A record 11 local restaurants served over 560 people. Also pictured are other restaurant owners and their staff, city officials and directors of local non-profits.

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