Chihuahua De Mayo

Lenny Laforest poses with Lily Daily, an elderly Chihuahua. The two attended the South Pasadena-based non-profit Limbo Chihuahuas’ Chihuahua De Mayo fundraiser at the Dog Bar in St. Petersburg. The bar, located at 2300 Central Ave. Street, welcomes all types of dogs, but the Cinco De Mayo event welcomed the tiny dogs specifically. “I borrowed miss Lily from my buddy,” Laforest said. “He lent me this Chihuahua specifically for this fundraiser.” The Sunday, May 5 event fell on Cinco De Mayo, so naturally, many attendees sported sombreros. More information on the organization at

Sonya Eorio and Jasmine get ready for their shot at the Chihuahua races at the Chihuahua De Mayo event at The Dog Bar on Central Avenue in St. Petersburg on Sunday, May 5. The day was a fundraiser for South Pasadena-based non-profit Limbo Chihuahuas & Chihuahua Mix Rescue and welcomed donations as well as paid entry to the Chihuahua races to go to the rescue organization. “We rescue dogs that are 20 pounds and under,” said Limbo Chihuahua’s Vice President Alexis Rayelle. “All the money raised today is going to them.” More information on the organization at

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