City Whys: Sidewalk narrowing?


Why has the new sidewalk on the south side of 29th Avenue South, located at the first alley, been built so it needs a sign painted on it that reads, “Sidewalk Narrows”?

Answer by Gulfport City Manager Jim O’Reilly:
The narrowing of the sidewalk “was required so that the entrance apron would meet building code requirements” for the appropriate grade or slope. A full-width sidewalk at this location “was not possible due to other obstructions.” The yellow, all-capital block lettering signage painted on the sidewalk “was requested by the city to bring additional attention to the narrowing. “The 36-inch-wide walking surface is acceptable according to the Florida Building Code on accessibility,” which is Florida Statute 403.5.1. “I am not aware of” any other locations like this one within the city.

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