Citywide Yard Sale Draws a Crowd

“It’s such a unique item with hot and cold faucets – a rarity these days,” said Brant Bartlett, left, a sales associate representing the owner of the bidet. “If you really want to feel fresh and clean, it’s worth $40. It’s dual purpose: You can sit or stand.” Also pictured is Sean Louderback who described his role in the yard sale at Gateway Plaza, 5510 Blvd. S., as an apprentice that helped Bartlett carry the bidet to the front for display.

From a bidet to lamps of all shapes and sizes, the fall citywide yard sale in Gulfport drew a crowd of hundreds on Saturday, November 23 from dawn to dusk.

Citywide yard sales are offered as permit-free ways to allow sellers to provide a “bargain-hunting experience” to shoppers, according to a municipal press release.

A total of 131 residents registered with the city to have their addresses publicized in print and organized into five different geographic areas.

The Gabber and Olympus Printing co-sponsored this community event.

At a multi-person yard sale that took four days to organize was located at 5221 31st Ave. S. Homeowner Alma Severyn, left, said, “We heard about it in the Gabber, registered, and here we are.” It was her first time participating. She described the items displayed along the full length of her driveway as “eclectic” ranging from Ukrainian decorations to a circa 1920 antique sewing machine with oak cabinet including a handmade pincushion that was used by her mother-in-law. Also pictured are Walter Severyn, center, and Rita Guasp.

To locate items to offer during the citywide yard sale at the front of her home named Octopus’s Garden at 2620 56th Street S., Regina Buscemi, center, said, “I just went around my house and looked to see all the stuff that I don’t use so I can de-clutter. My philosophy of sale is, ‘I hope everything goes!’” Buscemi’s daughter, Jessica, right, did the display arranging keeping large items in the back and small things in the front. Theresa Cartwright of Largo, left, was enjoying the various yard sale venues with her step-mother and dad, who live in Gulfport.

At 5124 31st Ave. S., homeowner Scott Bobbin, third from right, held the first yard sale of his life that was a hit among shoppers because of its organized aisles and topical groupings. It was also the first sale for his wife, Amanda, second from left. Their son, David of South Carolina, fifth from left, is the one who organized the items by topic on blankets, she said. “We put the dishware together, the vases together and set it up for curb appeal,” said David. It was also David’s first yard sale as a vendor and his first visit to Gulfport.


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