Community Appreciation in Treasure Island

A little drizzle and fog couldn’t stop Treasure Island’s community stars from shining bright. The City of Treasure Island hosted its second annual Community Appreciation Day on Saturday, February 1, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Treasure Island Community Center and Park located at 1 Park Place at 106th Ave. 

City departments, civic associations and community partners showcased their contributions to the residents of Treasure Island during the event, such as the Treasure Island Fire Department’s Vehicle Extrication Demo, where firefighters demonstrated how they use the “jaws of life” in the event of a serious car accident. 

City Planner Bob Bray shared the importance of Sea Turtle Nesting season, May 1 to October 31. 

“Beachfront lighting can be properly managed to benefit humans and sea turtles,” said Bray. “We are trying to encourage property owners to turn their lights off at night, unless there is a safety concern. It is important that we create an environment conducive to sea turtle survival.” 

In general, explained Bray, “a good sea turtle-friendly lighting fixture directs light down to the ground where it is needed for safety, shields the light source from being visible from the beach and is outfitted with a red or amber LED light bulb.” 

The 2020 Census was another hot topic at the event. 

“The census is important,” said Bray. “It ensures equitable political representation and distribution of federal funds; $44 billion in federal funding for programs across Florida is guided by census data.”

Information Technology and Communications Director Mark Santos was at the ready to help residents get in touch and stay in touch with city resources and events. Santos’ department is responsible for keeping residents in the know with an updated resident guide that lists all pertinent city-related information. The IT and communications department also manages “Ready TI?,” an annual Hurricane Readiness expo. This year’s expo is scheduled for Thursday, May 12 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Treasure Island City Hall, 120 108th Ave. 

And no community event is complete without a chili cook-off. Seventeen participants, two of whom were professional local chefs, and one visitor from London put their best bean forward during this year’s chili cook-off. Besides bragging rights, the winner received a custom printed apron, “that they will be required to wear to the next commission meeting,” said Dominique Retier, Chili Cook-Off organizer. All proceeds benefited the Treasure Island Fire Department. 

Emergency Services and Public Works departments displayed the vehicles that help them do their jobs at Treasure Island’s second annual Community Appreciation Day, Saturday, February 2. Kids and adults were able to climb aboard and explore the inner workings of equipment that makes difficult city jobs a little easier. 

Dominique Retier, Chili Cook-Off organizer, models this year’s prize for the Treasure Island’s second annual Community Appreciation Day Chili Cook-Off competition. The winner will be required to wear the apron to the next commission meeting, where Retier will introduce the winner. 

Treasure Island Firefighters Alan Ahearn and Jacob Malezis held an Extrication Demo, during the city’s second annual Community Appreciation Day, Saturday, February 2 with Lieutenant Jeff Logsdon and Fire Chief Trip Bars explaining the process. The demo showed residents what it takes to save a life after a serious car crash.


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