Dawn of a New Year

New Year’s Day 2017 was warm and sunny in Gulfport on Sunday, January 1, and dozens of people chose to celebrate by heading to the beach area. Everywhere folks were taking in the sunshine, walking dogs, pushing baby carriages and spending time with their friends. Some two dozen people turned out for a special New Year’s session of intentional yoga on the beach, breathing in the sea air and paying homage to nature.

Maizy Shook of Gulfport, 10, works on a sand castle at the Gulfport Beach on New Year’s Day. “It’s exciting,” she said of the start of the new year.

Sharon Eakstries of St. Petersburg, left, and Anita Carson of Gulfport chat and enjoy a swing on the Gulfport Beach. “This is the best place to be on New Year’s Day,” Carson said. Asked what they were looking forward to in 2017, Eakstries said: “I’ll be 65 and getting my pension.” Said Carson: “I’m just excited to be healthy and happy and living in Gulfport.”

Participants in a special New Year’s Day session of intentional yoga led by Albert Risenberg of Moon Landing Yoga on Gulfport’s municipal beach. “It’s going to be about honoring today,” he said of the session.

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