Decking the Hallows

Nestled in the southern part of Gulfport is a towering blue-and-white ghost as tall as a roof top that utilizes oak tree branches to accentuate long fingers waiting to grab anyone brave enough to get close.

Whether for the City of Gulfport’s Halloween Decorations Contest, or just for fun, some area residents have spooked out their homes in fantastic ways for the holiday. 

In Gulfport, 58th Street South is a mecca of decorations including this long-fingered, green-eyed tree and an animated cat that moves its head to follow sidewalk visitors. Watch out for the late-night sprinklers!

In a neighborhood in South Pasadena just north of Pasadena Avenue South, the front yard of a home is haunted by white ghosts and pumpkins in a sinister tree, a welcoming grave yard guarded by skeleton heads and an animated dragon with red toenails that loves to flap its wings.

Part of an elaborate yard display in Gulfport includes a skeleton body caught in the act of rising to the occasion.

In South Pasadena at a residence near the city’s fire department, a stack of pumpkins nestled next to a pine tree trunk keep watch over the front door as they greet visitors.


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