During the summer, what is your favorite thing to do?

Michael Greene, Gulfport: “Saltwater fishing! I like Red Fish, Grouper and Mackerel. I let everything go. These are the fun ones to catch. On a good night, if I really feel tough, I like to tangle with a Snook late at night. They’re so big and mean, you’re lucky if you catch one. Most people don’t.”

Matthew Snyder, Gulfport: “I like to walk up and down the full length of Beach Boulevard S. from 22nd Avenue S. to the Casino and just people-watch and spend time talking to folks in the area to see who’s from here and who’s not from here. Stop at one of the restaurants for a little bit.… I’ve been here a long time so it’s neat to see it changing and growing. I see younger families here more than I ever used to. People that look, walk, talk and act like me. So, that’s nice. It’s evolving as a city.”

Leisha Bishop, St. Petersburg: “Go out on the sailboat. Go swimming. Taking my art classes. Working in my yard. I started with nothing and now it’s all the tropical plants. Right now, it takes a lot of my time. I have a friend that comes over and helps me. We get a lot of free plants and stuff from people and try to rescue stuff that’s been abandoned.”

Virginia Owens, Gulfport: “Sit home and read mysteries because it’s too hot outside. The Louise Penney ones are very good. I’ve read all of them in the past few years. I enjoy them. I read in a special chair with an elevated footrest. I like that.”

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