Election Season Opens in Gulfport

Paul Ray has qualified as a candidate for the Gulfport Ward Three seat. At press time no other candidates have qualified for either seat, although Yolanda Roman (Ward Three) opened a bank account and picked up a packet and incumbent and current vice mayor Dan Liedtke (Ward One) also opened a bank account.

This means that if the city held elections today, both Ray and Liedtke would take their seats unopposed. Once Ms. Roman submits her paperwork and the county Supervisor of Elections verifies her petition cards, she will qualify as a candidate against Mr. Ray in Ward Three.

Current councilwoman Jennifer Salmon chose not to run again after two terms representing Ward Three. Ms. Salmon first took the office as an unopposed candidate; she kept her seat against long-time resident Jim Perry during the last election. Council terms last two years.

Candidates have until noon Monday to qualify for either the Ward One or the Ward Three seat. Please“like” the Gabber Newspaper on Facebook and check back here for updates between now and Monday noon.

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