Engine 17’s Mini-Me


Gulfport firefighter/EMT Brian Campbell and Scott Burford sang the praises of the new Special Rescue Unit 17, designed to navigate emergencies during Gulfport’s many special events.

It’s not as big as Gulfport Fire Department’s other Engine 17, but Special Rescue Unit 17 can get through the crowds of Get Rescued, the Fourth of July parade or GeckoFest with ease.

“We have a much faster response time” during street parties and festivals firefighter/EMT Brian Campbell says. “It’s for when there’s pedestrian traffic and we can’t get anything else” through the crowds.

First responders first used Special Rescue Unit 17 during Stetson’s graduation and again at the January 3 J. West Prostate 8K run through town. The tiny vehicle can transport injured people in the back.

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